Craig Egan,  (President)
(248) 821-3899
email Craig
Driving Electric Willy
EV Album entry

Gary Krysztopik, (Vice President)
(210) 977-0756
email Gary
Driving ZW2-C, ZW1-E
EV Album entry

Alfonzo Ranjel, (Treasurer)
(210)520 - 7024 voice mail
(210)389 - 2339 text and cell
email Alfonzo

Don Heihn,  (Secretary)
converting 1979 MG Midget
see Gallery page

ACEAA founding members:
Alfonzo Ranjel
Charles Schneider
Jim Seibert
Brenda Viera
Nick Viera
ACEAA Current Status:
8 auto conversions on the road
4 auto conversions in process
2 NEV's
several bikes/scooters

ZW2 - MES AC system

MR2 - 9" ADC w/Curtis
Willy - 9" ADC w/Curtis
911 - 11" Warp w/Z2K
Jeep - 9" ADC w/Z1K
Fox - 11" GE w/Z1K
- 31 current members (not all listed)
Toyota Supra - sold, in Florida
Hector Aguado
Driving Miles NEV
Starting Jaguar conversion

Donovan Becker

Randy Carroll-Bradd
(210) 216-6125
email Randy
1983 Plymouth Scamp in process

Jon Cutshall
Driving 1991 Toyota MR2
EV Album entry

Emily Gallios

Benjamin Ibarra

Luke Laborde
Driving Bradley GT

Ralph Laborde

Dr. Tito Norris
Driving 1999 Porsche 911
Website:, EV Porsche SA

Richard Sanchez

Charles Schneider
Driving Electric Scooters

John Stuart
Driving VW Fox

Brenda Viera
Driving 1988 Jeep Cherokee EV conversion

Nick Viera, (past Vice President)
Driving 1988 Jeep Cherokee EV conversion

Luther Ward
Driving Porsche 914

Dan Worcester
Driving VW Notchback