2/28/09 - Earthwise Living in Leon Valley

Dan and the Notchback, Craig and the Wille, Gary and the ZW2, and Chris as support crew.
2/19/09 - Incarnate Word "Rock the Earth"
The band in the background

Tito speaking on behalf of the environment

Craig and Alfonzo playing with a new current probe
11/19/08 - St Mary's University Alternative Energy event
The ZAP truck and ZAP scooter


Electric Willy

and EVPorsche
32nd Annual Alamo Heights Chamber of Commerce Holiday Parade

November 22, 2008

Gary – ZW2-C with Gladia Deering, Executive Assistant of Solar San Antonio

Craig – Electric Willy with Bexar County Comissioner Tommy Adkisson

Alfonzo – ZAP truck

Dan – Electric VW Notchback

CPS Energy's LiveGreenFest    This EVent was cancelled due to rain

Saturday, October 10 | 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. | Olmos Basin Park | FREE Admission!

Also on Saturday, Oct 10th, 2009…families will have the chance to participate in the first-ever

Leon Springs Family Greenfest
Upcoming EVents
Past EVents  (over 20 EVents covered by ACEAA in the past year)
3/14/09 - Spirit of DC visit at San Geronimo Airpark

                                                             Spirit of DC website

Thanks for your efforts Jerry - keep going!
3-25-09         Clean Cities and Sustainability Day        Capitol, Austin

Craig and his Willy made the trek.  No pics but a decent showing overall.  The rumor is that the Tesla declined to race.
4-3-09                 Fresh Air Friday by ACOG in Main Plaza held by the Alamo Area Council of Governments
Alfonzo, Gary and the ZW1, Craig and the Electric Willie, Hector, and Tito's ZAP cycles made the event.  There was a very good turnout with a lot of activity around the EV's.
April 9 2009           Earth Day NW Vista College
Craig, Gary and Alfonzo manning the booth
April 11 2009             Councilwoman Delicia Herrera’s 4th Annual Going Green Spring Fling

Councilwoman Delicia Herrera, CPS, SAWS, Animal Care Services, Department of Community Initatives, Planning and Devolpment Services, Solid Waste Management, Housing and Neighborhood Services, San Antonio Library, Parks & Recreation, Public Works, San Antonio Police Department, Alamo Forest Partnership, San Antonio Food Bank, San Antonio Craft Mafia - and the Alamo City Electric Auto Association!!!

Camargo Mateo Park, 5738 Castroville Rd.
Alfonzo and the Zaps, and Gary with the ZW1 and the new EV mascots - Yin and Yang.  We were in the back but near the food and restrooms - best booth in the house!
April 18, 2009                  Earth Day San Antonio,  Woodlawn Lake

Craig and Willy

Hector and the Miles

Gary and the ZW1

Rainy to Sunny

Bloodmobile running


Piper's hot

Where are my keys?

go EV's

April 23  2009                                PAC Fest
Car show, two stages with bands all day, and lots of people enjoying the food and shows.  Very nice event.
Lot's of potential for conversions - who wouldn't want an EV Batmobile?
Alfonzo and Gary, with the Zaps and ZW's.
GM set up across from us with their new super fuel efficient hybrid - the Tahoe.  No need for electric now - GM is getting OVER 20 MPG !!!!
Gary and Alfonzo with the Zap, Zapino, Porsche and ZW1.  Chris and Terri attended as ACEAA support - thanks!
May 2, 2009               Solarfest 2009
                                                                                  Maverick Park, 10th and Broadway

Solar San Antonio's signature event, live music on an all-solar powered stage. Solar and other renewable energies, green building, hybrid and electric vehicles, and more.
  What the hell is THAT thing?
  The movie crew swarms the Willie
  AWESOME ! ! !
The man himself, Bill Sinkin, kickin' back in the ACEAA booth.  96 years old and still pushing hard for a clean planet - Thanks Bill!
The homemade EV's in line with the big three hybrids.

"Those who say it cannot be done should go bankrupt and let those who are willing to do it provide it to those who want it." (or something like that).

June 10, 2009                Electric Vehicle Showcase       City of San Antonio Fleet Maintenance & Operations

May 9, 2009                  Green Camp, Pearl Brewery     www.greencampsa.com
These three vehicles were brought by www.shoppas.com

They are manufactured in the U.S. but are designed and also manufactured in Europe as Aixam Mega.  The AC motors are custom built by Zapi  http://www.zapiinc.com/ac.html and they use US Battery flooded lead acid with AGM's as an option.  They have aluminum fames and the quality appears to be good.  They run from 48 volts to 72 volts and have a quick charge option.
Green Camp was a great event, inspired by the "bar camp" format.  There is a large white board with the different rooms listed and time slots for discussions.  If you want to talk about something, whether you have something to present or just want to learn and start a discussion, you can write in a time slot for that subject.  Craig and I signed up for a 1/2 hour session out in front on electric vehicles and had a good crowd.  There were sessions on green building, energy savings, cycling, nuclear energy, local foods, etc.  Five rooms were kept busy all day with 1/2 hour slots.
"The Roundup"

10th Annual - Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair
September 25-27, 2009 Fredericksburg, Texas
Pukka City !
MR2 and Willy
Thanks to Brian and Jennifer from the Austin EAA, we had a nice setup.  We shared the tent and each had our own tables, and had our vehicles all around.  Just like GM would do (if they had electric vehicles).
Electric Avenue Scooter in Austin, up and running!  Selling the e-Max scooters.
Craig and Gary talking about EV's with a combined 367 dog years of experience in engineering.
Great crowd with lot's of questions.
REVOLT from Austin - top notch engineering with a lot of dog years of EV experience.  Late model Mazda3 conversion kits, Porsche Boxster kits, complete lithium battery systems, EV parts and Masterflux electric AC systems.
Solar San Antonio hosting the ASES Nationwide Solar House Tours October 3, 2009
Solar San Antonio gave us five of the ten houses to display vehicles -  Thanks SSA !.
Gary with a booth and the little trike.  Too rainy for the big one.  Everybody comes back with a big smile after riding the electric recumbent.
Alfonzo covered Jon's car
The ZAP truck at Tito's
Hector busy "converting" people with his Miles electric
Enough panels to keep Willy charged
Tesla Roadster

On December 17th, a group of 16 Tesla employees will begin a 2,700+ mile road trip in a Tesla Roadster Sport.
We’re driving to Detroit for the Auto Show to prove that the Roadster is tough, durable and that range anxiety is for the weak.

Skeptical? We’re coming to your hometown to prove it. http://bit.ly/8UZBOJ

December 23, 2009 - Tesla Motors is bringing their sportscars to The Republic House on December 23rd during their US Tour.  They will be giving a technical presentation on the car and maybe some rides.  They will also have the local media cover the event as well.  The Tesla guys will also be staying for the live blues music and food.  Our charging stations will be put to good use that night!  Everyone in the club is welcome to come and show Tesla that San Antonio is serious about EVs.
Nov 19, Thursday - SWRI Alternative Transportation Day
from 11 am to 1 pm in the SwRI Library parking lot.  The intent of ATD is to increase staff awareness of more economical and environmentally friendly ways to commute to work.

Nov 21, Saturday - Alamo Heights Holiday Parade
Starts around dusk.  We'll have a bunch of EV's in the parade including some scooters handing out candy.  Party at the end.

Oct 27, Tuesday  - NPR Transportation Town Hall meeting - see http://www.tpr.org/
"How can we keep San Antonio moving?  The region is growing every year, putting additional strain on our transportation infrastructure.  Join us for the next KSTX Town Hall as we have a solutions-based conversation with a panel of experts on a full breadth of transportation issues.  The next KSTX Town Hall takes place on October 27 at the Buena Vista Theater on the UTSA Downtown Campus."

Oct 28, Wednesday - Chevy Volt and Coulomb charging station presentation
11:30 - 1:00, Bill Barker (city of SA) coordinating.
from Tesla ...

We hooked up to 50-amps and chatted while 750 charged up to make the final 70 mile drive of the day. The business owner announced that he was selling the KOA to buy a Roadster and that everyone should pack up their things. (Ha!) we had a plan to be in at The Republic House in San Antonio at 7PM, so we said our goodbyes and hit the road.

We then drove the final 70 miles of our leg to San Antonio arriving at the Republic House with 20 miles to spare thanks to the Kerrville/San Antonio leg being largely downhill – regen is great, isn’t it! Ted swapped a ride to the airport for a Tesla hat and left for home. We charged at The Republic House and I talked to the local EV enthusiast chapter about the Roadster. Some even drove their own EVs, including an adapted Porsche 996 Carrera.

I ate dinner with Millie and Michael, the owners of The Republic House (the best steak I’ve had an a long time, and great live music). Michael has installed 5 charging stations outside his restaurant, is now installing solar panels, and runs his company truck on the vegetable oil he recycles from his restaurant! It also turns out we share a background in composites and car design so we had lots to talk about over dinner.

I left 750 in good hands for the Christmas holiday. Jason and Lauren will arrive in San Antonio on the 26th to pick up the reins and continue to Austin. This trip was too much fun. Thanks for sharing it with us.
NEW !!!
ACEAA will be working on an electric dune buggy conversion for Camp Discovery and the American Cancer Society.  We'll be tracking progress here in our gallery and on Craig's site at www.NoGas.US

March 19-21  2010         South Texas Motorcycle Expo,  Freeman Coliseum
                                (Gary had a booth for the trike and UTSA had their electric conversion there)

9-25, 26, 27 Renewable Energy Roundup Fredericksburg