Chapter Statement

(from the national EAA website)

    To act as a source of information for the membership, other organizations and the public, on the current state of electric vehicle technology worldwide.

To encourage experimentation in the building of electric vehicles, particularly to improve energy and resource efficiency, reduce emissions and improve vehicle safety.

To promote and organize public exhibits of electric vehicles built by members and others for the purpose of informing the public on the progress of electric vehicle technology and conducting public opinion polls.

To use all media, such as newsletters, web sites, information packages, and other paper and electronic media designed to inform the public and promote the cause of electric vehicles.


First, we try to raise public awareness about EVs and EV technology. We do this by holding monthly meetings as well as showing our EVs at local events.

A second goal of ours is to help out anyone who wants to convert/build an EV do so by providing support and advice. We do this through our meetings and other group activities.

Lastly, we hope to show people through example that EVs are a viable form of clean transportation that is practical TODAY. We do this by driving our EVs every chance we get!


Your membership in the Alamo City Electric Auto Association will support our volunteer efforts to keep the public aware of EV's as a clean, easy, and fun transportation option. Membership will also provide access to individuals with a wealth of information on converting an existing vehicle to electric.  EAA Members regularly receive the EAA newsletter "Current Events".

EAA members nationwide have driven over 8 million clean miles in battery Electric Vehicles. Won't you help yourself or others to drive clean?  

Please become a member.


Alfonzo Ranjel
Chapter President

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